Cheap and cheerful. Britons are heading to France this summer.

The British have always enjoyed Channel hopping over to France for their holidays, whether it be to savour a little sophistication in the capital, go wine tasting in the Loire valley or sunbathe on the Riviera. However this year, bookings for trips to France have risen by a huge 31 per cent.

Price is certainly a factor, as we’re still down in the recession doldrums and travellers are looking to make their money go further. Bookings have fallen for Turkey because it’s much cheaper to go to neighbouring Greece. On average, a family of four saves £136 by switching from Turkey to Greece. And Caribbean bookings have dipped 19 per cent as cash-strapped Britons look to save.

The average price of a holiday in France this year is £554 per person compared with the £978 it would cost to go to Italy, reports the Daily Mail. Nonetheless Italy has also seen a 15 per cent rise in bookings, proving that price is not the only thing influencing people’s choice.

Apart from the dreamy food, good wine and romantic ambience, France has the attraction of being close to home and a safe destination. With civil unrest in the tourist hotspots of North Africa and the Middle East dragging on, the majority of tourists are shunning the area. Bookings to Egypt have plunged by 30 per cent, and Tunisia has also momentarily lost its appeal.

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