Finding Bus Trips Across Europe

Bus trips are one of the best ways to see a country or multiple countries on an extended holiday. They present a far more attractive and relaxing way of travelling compared to flying, and you can actually get to see something during your journey. Trains are another good way to travel, but bus trips tend to be far more affordable.

One place to start looking for bus trips, both long-distance national connections within the UK and trips to almost every other country in Europe is nationalexpress.co.uk. Home to Britain's largest long-haul coach company, the site allows you to book tickets online for special web-exclusive deals, including the "Fun Fare" deals which regularly appear for selected lines.

For those looking for a fully organized coach holiday, there are plenty of companies which can arrange a full package, often including daily meals as well as accommodation. One such company is Shearings, at shearings.com. This company offers featured coach holidays from as little as £139 per person for a four-night break within the UK.

Shearings also offers coach holidays on the continent with prices of a five-day holiday starting at £260 per person for a trip to Ostend. For longer trips further afield, they also organize trips to stunning Bavaria and Austria with prices starting at £449 per person for a nine-day trip.

Nationalholidays.com also arranges bus trips within the UK and abroad. With special web-exclusive offers, prices start at around £99 for a short weekend break all-inclusive and around £379 for trips to the Netherlands.

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