Bursa: a town steeped in history

Admittedly not Turkey's most well known resort, Bursa is nonetheless a place not to be missed. This quaint small town, just a ferry ride away from Istanbul, has a lot to offer. Amongst other things, it is considered to be the birthplace not only of the Ottoman Empire but also of the Iskender kebab, reports the Guardian.

So why not take a trip to Kebapci Iskender, the place where the first kebab was served back in 1867 by Iskender Usta? Surrounded by photos of Iskender, smartly dressed waiters claiming to be his descendents will serve you with a fine example of the original kebab.

On a more serious note, visit the tombs of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and his successor Orhan. They are located in a peaceful garden in the city centre along with the tombs of other sultans. The Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewellery and the Eski Kaplica, an incredible 500 year old hammam, are also well worth a visit.

Perhaps the most impressive of Bursa’s sights is the Ulu Cami, the town's central mosque, a large stone structure with over 20 domes. Locals wander in and out of the Ulu Cami, mostly for prayer but also just to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Tourists, though uncommon, are welcomed, but avoid visiting the mosque at prayer times as a sign of respect.

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