Bunking down with Beatles

Boutique hotels. What a great concept. Enough of homogenous conglomerate hotel chains. Those sluggish exercises in uniformity and uninspired lounging. Cut to Liverpool's Beatles quarter and the Hard Days Night Hotel - the latest pad to put itself firmly on the boutique map.

The four star Beatles inspired hotel has 110 rooms and is decorated from the basement up with pictures charting the history of the Fab Four, from first gigs in The Cavern Club to the present day. (Is there one showing Macca getting squeezed for every penny by Lady Mucca we wonder?)

Suites range from the deluxe John Lennon (complete with white grand piano) to the Paul McCartney room (not a leather furnishing in sight) both of which will set lodgers back a hefty 650 squibs...per night. A bog standard room's cheaper, but will still cause a hefty dint at 170 per night. Not for the proletariat then.

If you can already feel the onset of financial ruin at the very thought, there's always dinner at one of the two restaurants. Instead of checking in diners are treated to an evening of feasting with, you guessed it, a live Beatles band strumming in the background. Why not we say. Cue major economy drive.

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