Find the Med overcrowded and overpriced? Try these Bulgaria Resorts

The Black Sea Riviera in Bulgaria provides some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe, mixed with historic towns and an Eastern European flavour. The are can guarantee sun in the summer months and with over 140km of white pristine sands there's plenty of room to stretch out and work on the tan. Here's some Bulgaria resorts sure to provide a great holiday.

Sunny Beach is perhaps Bulgaria's foremost resort and offers flat, wide beaches at a fraction of the price of more established resorts in Spain and Portugal. The Majestic Hotel and Residence is a four-star resort on the beach and can offer gigantic pools, luxury air-conditioned bedrooms, gardens of exotic palms, 6 distinct bars and 3 on-site restaurants. With so many facilities on site you may never have to leave the hotel grounds to enjoy your break in the sun. The hotel offers almost 700 rooms and serviced apartments and prices begin at around £38 per night.

Also in Sunny Beach is the Barcelo Royal Beach All-Inclusive Resort, a five star hotel with numerous pools, a spa, sauna and state of the art gym. The hotel is also on the site of a shopping mall with 99 high-end and boutique stores, and houses numerous restaurants serving cuisines such as Japanese, Spanish and Seafood dishes. Suites and apartments have a cool, minimalist theme with splashes of colour here and there to liven up the mood, and come with all mod cons such as air conditioning, safe, minibar and wet rooms. Rooms are available for the bargain price of only £24 per night, a fraction of what you would pay for such luxury in other European nations.

For a more authentic Bulgarian experience, one of the most beautiful resorts is Kamchia, a hidden paradise of dramatic cliffs and secluded beaches. Kamchia is famed for its untouched and UNESCO listed biosphere nature reserve, in which can be seen deer, wild boar and turtles. Hotels in Kamchia tend to be small, family run concessions, and can offer cheap accommodation. The recently renovated Hotel Kamchia offers a large pool and over 80 double bedrooms priced from as little as £25 per night.

So if you are looking for a beach holiday then Bulgaria resorts are well worth a look. In sheer value for money terms the quality of service and accommodation you will get on the Black Sea can beat any destination in the Mediterranean.

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