Bulgaria: life beyond the Eurozone

One of the dullest thing about the Euro is that you don’t get to impress the missus with your currency exchange calculating skills – which are always wrong anyway, but still, it looks good, especially with a fat wad of levs or litas in your hand. Anyway, all the Euro did was to make it crystal clear exactly where you're getting ripped off, and by how much. Yes, Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes, but it’ll cost you a thousand euros.

So in your personal revolution against all things Euro check out the likes of Bulgaria where you’ll get to flaunt your levs on all sorts of things inedible. It’s got some of the best beaches in Europe even if they happen to be packed with barrel bellied Russian mafia. There are also several hidden homages to hippiedom, most of which you’ll find in the south. Strandja national park, Ropotamo, Sinemorets are just three of the many remaining wild beaches of Bulgaria.

Direct flights with Wizz Air, Bulgaria Air, EasyJet and BA, all go for under £200.

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