Destinations for Bulgaria Holidays

A lot of people have their reservations about Bulgaria holidays. Some are afraid that there will be a lack of good facilities, customer service and decent tourist infrastructure. While Bulgaria is certainly not like Spain or Italy, there are plenty of places to go whether you are looking for a beach holiday, a cultural holiday, a skiing trip or more.

One of the major advantages of going to Bulgaria is that it is cheap. Bulgaria also still uses its own currency, the Lev, in spite of it now being in the European Union. Whatever you are looking for in your next holiday, Bulgaria can probably offer it.

Bulgaria has a large coast line on the Black Sea, complete with various resorts and new developments like its northern neighbour, Romania. Perhaps the most famous is the Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag in Bulgarian), an enormously popular beach and party resort, but there are many more, lesser known ones.

Bulgaria also has great ski resorts such as those at Pirin Mountain. In addition to skiing and sun holidays, Bulgaria also has its fair share of places of interest to those wanting a cultural holiday. Sofia, the capital, has much to see and the city of Plovdiv also brings in many adventurous tourists. A particularly idyllic medieval town to visit is Veliko Tarnovo. Regardless of where you plan to go on your Bulgaria holidays, always read reviews of hotels and other accommodation first at sites like tripadvisor.com or booking.com where you can also book hotels and find deals.

Be aware that traveling beyond the main tourist areas in Bulgaria can be difficult if you don't understand the Cyrillic alphabet which Bulgarian uses. Beyond the tourist areas, little will be in English letters.

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