Places to Visit During a Bulgaria Holiday

Have a great time on a Bulgaria holiday by planning in advance where you want to travel. The capital city is on the western side of the country, while many travellers prefer to head to the Black Sea coast for a summer beach holiday. Bulgaria offers beautiful scenery and charming hotels and self-catering apartments helping to make your holiday unforgettable.

Things to See in Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and sits on the western side of the country. Many museums, such as the Bulgarian National Gallery of Arts and the Bulgarian Natural History Museum offer a glimpse into the country's fine arts and culture. The Sofia Zoological Garden is another popular attraction. After the museum, visit the shops on Vitoshka.

Boyana Church (Boyanachurch.org) is a World Heritage Site. The church houses the National Museum. Check out the artefacts and take in the architecture of this church that dates back to the late 10th century.

Vitosha Mountain is popular with skiers and snowboarders. If you head to Sofia in the summer, there are many hiking trails available. Even those who do not enjoy mountain sports find beautiful picnic areas on the mountain and are welcome to use the cable cars or chair lifts.

Sophia has dozens of hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns. Radisson Blu Grand Hotel is a favourite with tourists looking for luxury accommodations. As of 2011, rooms start at £185 per night. If you need something less expensive, try the Alexander Business apartments with rates starting at £30 per night. Book both of these hotels through SofiaHotels.net.

Beach Holidays

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria. The city borders the Black Sea and offers long, sandy beaches. Reach the city by car, plane, boat or train. In the summer months, the sun shines for up to 11 hours per day and the waters are safe for children as there are no fast-moving currents. Many of the beaches neighbour mineral water springs used for showers and swimming pools.

The Roman Spa is the third largest Roman ruin in Europe. The ruins date back to the second century. Learn more about the area's history at the Varna Archaeological Museum. The Sea Garden is another popular attraction and includes an open-air theatre, Varna Aquarium, a zoo and the Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium.

Modus Hotel is a popular business hotel with spacious accommodations. As of 2011, rates start at £60 per night. Morski Briag Hotel is a hidden gem on the beach. Rates start at £31 per night. Use Expedia.co.uk to book these hotels.

User Reviews Help You Plan a Trip

Bulgaria tourism information is available online at TripAdvisor.co.uk. Use this site to help narrow down the cities you visit during your Bulgaria holiday.

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