Bulgaria Flights Let You See Something Different

Bulgaria has many historical attractions that make it an attractive choice for holidaymakers interested in learning about European history. Bulgaria also has some of the most interesting restaurants in Europe. They combine flavours from other regions with local foods that create tasty dishes that are worth a flight to Bulgaria to taste.

Furthermore, flights to Bulgaria have increased over the past few years. This has given travellers a better chance to see this unique part of the world. Here are a couple of attractions that should demonstrate that this was a wise decision.

The Kolelata Tavern: Located in Sophia, the Kolelata Tavern is a great steakhouse that caters to both locals and visitors alike. The food is freshly prepared and uses many local spices (such as Chubritsa) to add a unique flavour that is unique and tasty. The atmosphere is also laid back enough to make this a fun spot for tourists who like to mingle.

The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo: The original church structures are Located in north eastern Bulgaria near the Roussenski Lom river valley. What makes them worth a flight to Bulgaria is their rich history. The surrounding chapels and monasteries combine with the churches to tell a story about the religious changes that happened over the past 900 years in the area.

Bulgaria has many other interesting attractions like these. They are well worth seeing. So get booking your flight now!

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