Take a trip off the tourist map this holiday! Check out Bulgaria flights in 2011

Desperate to avoid the throngs of tourists this holiday, but want to visit a place with gorgeous scenery, rich history and a unique culture? Bulgaria is the place to go! With a history spanning more the thirteen centuries, picturesque panoramas of the Balkans and stunning beaches, this place has, surprisingly, not been discovered by the typical tourist...yet!

So, how can you get to Bulgaria from the UK? Here, we have done the hard work for you and found some info on where you can book Bulgaria flights in 2011.

Before we start, it is good to know that, during 2011, the peak holiday time for Bulgaria is July. This means that airfares are usually a bit higher. Instead, from September onwards airfares drop quite a bit. So, if you want to save a few quid and are happy to travel to Bulgaria outside their peak holiday season, then planning your 2011 holiday in the months of September or October is the better way to go.Now, onto the flights!

A great place to kick-start your Bulgaria flight search is by visiting the website of EasyJet. This is a low-cost carrier and these guys operate several flights between the UK and Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city. For instance, in June you can find flights from London Gatwick to Sofia starting from £60 and from Manchester from £55. Flights in September and October start from £30 one way, from both London and Manchester.

EasyJet does not provide onboard meals or beverages, and no reserved seating. Please be mindful of EasyJets strict luggage limits. Take a look at their website for more information on the restrictions regarding your baggage to avoid being hit with a hefty fine.

Also check out what British Airways has on offer. This is the UK's national airline and they, too, cover the UK to Bulgaria flight path. Being a traditional airline, airfares do cost a touch more. In June, you can find a one-way flight from London Heathrow for £284. In September and October, however, they hover around the £74 mark. Differently to EasyJet, BA does give you all meals and beverages, reserved seating and inflight entertainment.

Please note: to increase your chances of finding good deals on Bulgaria flights in 2011, try to book your tickets as far in advance as possible, and be flexible with your travelling dates

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