The best buget travel options from Edinburgh to London

Buget travel

Staring at a bus timetable in horror? Simply can't face the prospect of a long day or a hard overnight bus journey between Edinburgh and London? If you book well in advance though, the bus may not be the only buget travel option.

Airline fares can now make it economical to fly from Scotland to England, even if it isn't exactly environmentally-friendly. With numerous regular flights beween the 2 cities, it is usually possible to track down a reasonable fare.

Easyjet (easyjet.com) has several direct flights a day to London Stansted, London Gatwick and London Luton. Prices start at just £18.99 each way. Assuming you can manage with hand luggage, you can probably find a round-trip fare for under £50.

The problem with airlines, apart from the carbon footprint, is that they leave you with another journey at the end of the flight, from the airport into the centre of London. Although there are easy rail links from Gatwick, Stansted and Luton into London, the fares are rarely discounted and can add a hefty sum to your total journey.

For a direct connection into London Kings Cross, why not take a train all the way from Edinburgh? East Coast Trains (eastcoast.co.uk) has Advance Saver fares to London starting at just £16.50 each way.

East Coast release their lowest fares on their website 12 weeks in advance. You can use the low fare finder to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Note that tickets bought online are usually 10% cheaper than those bought at a station.

Further savings can be made on train tickets by using railcards or taking advantage of group discounts, making the train an ideal form of buget travel.

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