Budpest shopping spree

After you’ve patted yourself on the back for realizing that the Hungarian capital of Budapest is made up of the two sides of the banks of the Danube, Buda and Pest – to be followed shortly after with the knowledge that it’s been several centuries since the Danube was blue and neither does it in fact move in 3/4 time, you’ll probably be thrilled to have a game of chess in an outdoor hot spa.

Now, while chess can be a lifetime addiction, one which – being a measly Westerner, you’ll never master (Bobby Fischer aside) sitting in heated water while outside and surrounded by fat hairy men has its limits.

So, what else but go shopping.

You can browse treasures, from paintings and furniture to jewellery or textiles, of various styles and age - and price tag!

Twice a year there's an open-air street event, a Falk Art Forum – an antique and contemporary art festival - when galleries and shops open their doors for concerts and events, FalkArtFestival.

Elite design (No. 14) and Antik Zsolnay (No. 28) have art nouveau Zsolnay ceramics, AntikZsolnay, as well as designs by János Török and other Hungarian designers for Zsolnay in the 1960s and 70s – and if any of those names mean anything to you, then you’ll know that’s impressive.

In Montparnasse (No. 17) check out some great art-deco furniture, Montparnasse, in Wladis Gallery (No. 13) find contemporary silver jewellery, in Anna Antikvitás (No. 18) antique embroidery, and Virág Judit Galéria (No. 30) is home to 19th and 20th-century Hungarian paintings … and on and and on.

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