The Heritage Card: Budget Travel in Ireland

Budget travel in Ireland means that you find ways to get the best experience for your money. The Heritage Card helps you to do that. The cost of the card varies depending on age. Adults cost €21, Seniors (age 55 and over) €16, and Students and Children (age 6-18). Heritage Ireland (heritageireland.ie) also offers a family card for €55. This card work for two adults and a reasonable number of children under 18 years old. With this card you can visit as many of Ireland's heritage landmarks as you can in a year's time. Each region of Ireland has its own places to use your card.

Whether you are spending your holiday in the south-west area of the country or in the central hub in Dublin, you can find a place to use the heritage card for budget travel in Ireland. Both single travellers and families can use the Heritage Card to learn something about Ireland while saving money.

To purchase the card, visit a local Office of Public Works fee paying station at a nearby historical landmark. Also note that only a few of the larger sites have credit card abilities, so plan accordingly. If you do not want to visit a fee paying site directly to purchase your card, you can print off and fax in paperwork from the Heritage Island website. You anticipate waiting approximately one month before you receive your Heritage Ireland cards by post.

Address your paperwork to:

Heritage Card Officer,Visitor Services (FREEPOST)The Office of Public Works (OPW),Unit 20, Lakeside Retail Park,Claremorris,Co. Mayo.

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