Budget Travel ie Inexpensive Travel Arrangements

Budget travel ie

This list will help jump-start your Internet search for budget travel. Some companies are well-known names and others may be new to you. All of these websites can offer new insight in to travel and help save money on your holiday trip.

Last Minute

Planning a vacation or getting airline tickets at the very last minute can be tough. Seating assignments can be slim and finding a flight with space is difficult.

The Last Minute website specializes in just these situations and has a database filled with vacation packages, sightseeing attractions, hotels and airfares. Search for last minute deals at http://lastminute.com/.


When you want to explore another country or save a lot of money on hotels while traveling, check into iStopOver. People rent rooms in their home to people in search of temporary lodging. The website puts homeowners in touch with travelers in need of a room while traveling and everybody wins.

Currently iStopOver offers accommodation arrangements in Brazil, South Africa, France, London, Canada and the United States. Additional information can be found at http://www.istopover.com/.

Hostel Bookers

If you are looking for cheap places to stay for a night or two as you travel from place to place, check out hostels. Most hostels are reasonably clean, offer kitchen facilities, bathrooms and provide a bed. Hostels can accommodate individuals, groups or entire families. Use Hostel Bookers to find hostels from around the world and start planning an inexpensive holiday.

Hostel Bookers has a large database of hostels with pictures, amenities, reviews and prices. Read the descriptions carefully and study the photographs to know exactly what you are getting before booking your stay. Contact Hostel Bookers at http://hostelbookers.com/.

Check out budget travel ie cheap travel websites and save.

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