Budget Hotels in the Faroe Islands

Budget hotels, guest houses, and hostels allow tourists to discover the beauty of the Faroe Islands for just a small price.

The Youth Hostel Gjaargarour Gjogv in the village of Gjogv sits on a hillside overlooking the sea. It’s a budget accommodation resembling traditional Faroese houses. Rustic and tranquil, its roof is covered with blankets of grass mirroring the surrounding landscape. Stay in any of the ten rooms, which all feature a kitchen and family room. A dormitory and two loft rooms are also available. Guests can enjoy Internet access in this budget hotel, hold meetings in the conference rooms, and relax in the solarium. A table tennis court is available for sports enthusiasts and a nearby campsite is accessible for outdoor fun.

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Hotel Torshavn is a three-star accommodation in Torshavn. It’s newly renovated, only 30 metres away from the city centre, and with excellent harbour views. Guests can relax in the cosy rooms: 26 double rooms, 12 single rooms, and three suites. All have Internet access and an advanced fire detection and response system. The hotel’s restaurant offers guests great meals, including a la carte dishes and the chef’s special lunch buffet.

Children can enjoy in the play area with toys, books, drawing pens and paper, and television featuring cartoon shows. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will find the three beautifully furnished conference rooms useful, with the overhead projector, white board, flip chart, and television.

Other Faroe Islands hotels are Bladypi Guest House, Hotel Hafnia Torshavn, and Best Western Hotel Foroyar Torshavn.

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