Budget Hotels in Stockholm

The cost of living in Sweden is one of the highest in the world, but that’s no reason to forego a holiday in Stockholm. With these budget hotels, there’s no breaking the bank.

This unassuming, coral-pink building opens up to an ultramodern and stylish interior. Connect Hotel Stockholm is done in loud, funky colours that seem to pop out from the walls, striped light fixtures, and cow-print seats. Plush pillows and fluffy beds are typical of the rooms, of which there are two kinds to choose from. Quick Sleep is designed for the budget traveller: windowless, with a small TV, and a shared bathroom. Standard features queen-sized beds, en-suite bathrooms, and Internet access at additional cost. There is a sauna in this Stockholm hotel, as well as a comfortable restaurant named “The Living Room,” where guests can grab a bite… and a book from the shelves, too.

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Another low-cost choice is Best Western Amani Hotel Arsta, a homey three-star hotel near the Stockholm Globe Arena. Experience a steam bath under the night sky with Best Western’s rooftop sauna. There are also tanning beds and exercise facilities and a game room. Nearby are bowling, golfing, and karting facilities.

Centrally located, Hotel Bema is another cheap choice in Stockholm. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms, radios, TVs, and telephones. Kids can play in the Tegnerlunden Park across Hotel Bema, while adults can go shopping in Drottninggatan. Old Town is also a short, easy walk from here.

Other inexpensive hotels in Stockholm are Formule 1 Stockholm Syd, Hotel Sandstrom, and Vanadis Hotell And Bath.

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