Budget Hotels in Papua New Guinea

Plan some al fresco fun in Papua New Guinea, with hotels that are not just cheap, but are right in the heart of nature too. There are loads of places which are easy on the eye and on the pocket too.

Seek shelter under Shady Rest Hotel’s roof, set amid leafy gardens, in Port Moresby. Travellers get to stay in affordable air-conditioned rooms with Internet access, cable TVs, and desks. They can take dine at the Cellar Restaurant, which serves steaks, or at the Curry Club for Indian dishes. After meals, the Tapas Bar opens its doors to those who want a drink or two, while Mustang Sally welcomes those who want to party.

Headed to the highlands? Then make Haus Poroman Lodge in Mount Hagen a temporary home, where birds perform a sweet serenade and local bands make music during the weekends. Tucked amid orchids and far away from the worries of the world, it’s perfect for those who want to hike up a storm, or just curl up in a corner with a good book.

There are more choices for those who want to delve deeper into the local environment. In Tufi, the Bauwame Guesthouse is perched right above a coral reef, a great base for snorkellers. Experience a living, spewing volcano up close. Visitors at the Anua Negu Lodge, a short walk from the seashore, can go on an arranged trip to Manam, a volcanic island. Beneath the waters are a lot of wrecks of American and Japanese vessels.

Those itching for more outdoor adventure will do well to place themselves in the hands of activist Mombi Onesimo who owns the Saidowai Guesthouse. He can organise trips to the Bwasiaiai hot springs, as well as canoe-fishing excursions. Guests might even spot the vividly coloured Goldie's bird of paradise with its sweeping tail, endemic to Papua New Guinea.

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