Budget Hotels in Moscow

Holidays in Russia are not always easy on the pocket. But with these budget hotels, Moscow is as accessible as its architectural treasures which have retained their opulence through time.

A hotel that’s relatively low-cost is the Hotel Izmaylovo Gamma-Delta, built for the 1980 Olympics, which remains a favourite of large groups of travellers. It has received awards for its high quality of service and value, and is even part of the Guinness Book of Records for being Europe’s largest tourist compound. Hotel Izmaylovo has everything a holiday-maker could need, like clothes repair services, a hairdresser, a clinic, a drugstore, and cash machines.

Feel like staying indoors? Entertainment is offered by Hotel Izmaylovo’s bowling and billiards facilities. The Marc Aurelius fitness centre has a workout room and massage parlour, while the Paro-Clinic health centre has Russian baths, Egyptian saunas, a swimming pool, a geyser, and underwater massage equipment.

There are numerous places to drink and dine in as well. The nautically themed Morskoi restaurant has live shows nightly, while the Golden Fork is designed like a town square, with cobblestones, trees, and a fountain. Vechernee Bistro and Russki dish out Russian buffets, while cafés Black Panther and El Shark serve snacks and beverages.

Be a buccaneer, even for a few days, by staying at Alexander Blok, a hotel, casino, and nightclub right within a ship’s walls. Named after the great Russian poet, the ship is docked on Moskva River. Though it might be difficult to spot a fish in the water, the restaurant has a number of fish tanks. Other facilities include a sauna, solarium, and disco. Waterbeds are available, too.

There are more low-priced hotels in the vicinity, such as Hostel Tramp and Ukraina Hotel. AST-Hof Hotel, near Fili Park and two metro stations, has been recently renovated.

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