Budget Hotels in Madagascar

These hotels in Madagascar promise rest and recreation for stressed-out travellers, and the sheer number of budget lodgings will put them even more at ease.

In Ifaty, Hotel de la Plage is a series of whitewashed bungalows with thatched roofs. Enjoy the sea breeze or stay in the air conditioned accommodation, right by the beach; the water’s just a few steps away. Mingle with fellow backpackers at the restaurant which serves the catch of the day with a good drink to go with it. The coral reefs can be seen from the terrace, while in one corner a billiards table invites guests to a match or two.

Setam Lodge in Ranomafana tempts visitors to stay longer. It serves up delicious Franco-Malagasy meals, offers a massage and spa, beautiful views, guided tours through the forest, and clean quarters. Located near the Ranomafana National Park and home to a variety of lemur species, it won’t be hard to spot a primate or two while walking around. The area is known for its thermal baths, too. The rooms are filled with the comforts of home: spacious beds, fans, heaters, and adjoining bathrooms for a hot shower.

No need to go to a museum. In the capital city Antananarivo, Hotel Sakamanga is filled with objects recounting the country’s history. They also serve up a variety of entertainment options. Choose from the 'charm,' 'relax,' and 'soft' rooms, depending on the budget. Owned by the people who also run Hotel Isoraka, it’s a favourite of budget travellers.

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