Budget Hotels in Jamaica

An island nation in the Caribbean, Jamaica was once occupied by an illustrious array of conquerors that include Christopher Columbus and the British. Today, the only people out to “conquer” the island are tourists on Jamaica holidays. Exploring Jamaica is no strain on the budget; it doesn’t cost much to get travellers settled in some of the country’s budget hotels.

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Caribic House in Montego Bay is a bargain for budget travellers. Set in the heart of the tourist centre known as “The Hip Strip,” the hotel offers 17 rooms with cable television and private or shared balconies offering panoramic views of the bustling strip. Guests can satisfy their taste buds with award-winning snacks in the Jamaica Bobsled Café and Pizzeria located on the ground floor. There is also a wide selection of restaurants offering Jamaican, Chinese, Continental, and Seafood.

Firefly Cottages, Carib Apts & Secrets is a budget accommodation in Negril offering three kinds of affordable rooms. The Carib oceanfront studio is an ideal retreat for couples looking to relax on their holiday. Firefly, also a beachfront room, caters to families and small groups. Secrets is a great option for the budget-conscious, a low-cost version of Firefly. Guests can relax in the gardens and Jacuzzi. Other facilities include a café-restaurant and bar-night club.

A three-star hotel in Port Antonio is DeMontevin Hotel, tucked in a quiet, old-world setting in the heart of the city. Operating since 1888, this 120-year-old hotel exudes history, matched with the prestige of its 18th-century architecture, which was honoured with the Berger Paints Architecture Award. DeMontevin allows tourists to embrace the old-world charm Port Antonio is famous for. The hotel offers Internet access and serves Jamaican or Continental breakfast from 8am to 10:30pm.

Other Jamaica hotels to choose from are LTU Villas, The Sunrise Club, and Heart Beat.

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