Check in to budget hotels in France

Staying in the lap of luxury can be memorable, but sometimes it's necessary to get real. The strength of the euro has made travelling in Europe so much more expensive for British tourists, and any savings have to be welcomed. Check into the comfortable and affordable budget hotels in France.

The Etap hotel chain (www.etaphotel.com) is based in France and has budget hotels in most regions of the country. Expect to pay on average €59 for a standard room containing a double bed, a bunk, and a bathroom, perfect for 2 adults and a child. The all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet will also keep costs down for those travellers who enjoy a hearty start to the day.

The Formule 1 chain (www.hotelformule1.com) is roughly equivalent to the British Travelodges, ie very cheap, adequate hotels, occasionally in the ugly part of town or near busy roads. A careful search, with the help of Google maps, will help you find the best locations, and there are Formule 1 hotels all over France. You can find doubles from around €30.

The Best Hotel chain (www.besthotel.fr) has a smaller number of hotels than the other chains, but they are expanding. At the moment there is a wide choice in the north, around Paris and across Normandy, with fewer in the south. Their rooms start at €39 for a double, but are popular, so book well in advance.

Don't rule out the possibility of enjoying luxury without paying top rates. Occasionally even very upmarket hotels will offer attractive prices if they have a lot of vacancies. Use websites like www.hotels.com or www.lastminute.com to search for budget hotels in France.

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