Budget Hotels in Copenhagen

Before Copenhagen became the “glittering capital of the Danish Empire,” it was a mere fishing village on the Zealand and Amager Islands. And while the city enjoys tremendous economic success today, Copenhagen still bears the traces of its humble beginnings in its budget hotels.

A bargain on your Copenhagen holiday is the one-star Absalon Annex in Vesterbro. A cheaper version of the Absalon Hotel, the rooms are rather small and dated, but clean and comfortable. The complimentary buffet breakfast offers a variety of Northern European fare -- cereals, breads and pastries, meats, and fruits. The hotel makes a convenient starting point for your city tour. The central train station and the old centre of town are only ten minutes away by foot. Or walk a kilometre to see Van Gogh’s masterpieces, along with ancient artefacts, at the New Carlsberg Glyptotek. Nearby are the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s amusement park, where thrilling rides await.

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Euroglobe Hotel in Frederiksberg is proof that quality need not be expensive. This one-star hotel provides simple amenities for an enjoyable stay. There’s a fully-equipped kitchenette on the first floor and a TV in the breakfast room, where continental breakfast is served and refreshments are available for purchase.

The Saga Hotel, in the heart of Copenhagen, is a 19th century apartment style hotel with 79 rooms, each with a television and telephone, and each serving continental or Scandinavian buffet breakfast everyday, from 7:00 to 10:30 a.m. Other Copenhagen hotels for the budget-conscious are Zleep Airport Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air in Kastrup, and Hotel Nora just outside the Copenhagen city centre.

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