Budget Hotels in Belarus

Belarus has a store of natural and cultural gems tourists will be delighted to explore. There are several budget hotels here too; another good reason to take Belarus holidays.

A two-star hotel in the southwest of Minsk, Hotel Zvezda offers comfort at affordable prices. Its 88 rooms vary from standard, to economy, to business class. The rooms offer a warm ambience and boast of luxurious interiors, with their shiny wooden floors, colourful drapes, and matching cushions. The hotel café offers Italian cuisine, with more than 20 pizza variations, pastas, and eat-all-you-can salads. Belarusian and Slovenian cuisine, home-made desserts, and cocktails and wines are also available.

Guests can de-stress at the sauna, get a haircut or manicure in the beauty salon, or hold seminars at the conference room.

Akademicheskaya Hotel in Minsk is another hotel that caters to budget travellers. Though its rates are low, its interiors look lavish, with wooden tile floors, carpets, and charming wallpapers. Its 42 rooms have television. Single, double, triple rooms and suites are available.

Sputnik Hotel is another budget hotel in Minsk. For low rates per night, guests can lounge in rooms equipped with a television and mini bar. Relax in the sauna, enjoy appetizing meals at the restaurant, or have a round of drinks in the bar. Other services include a hair dresser, billiards, and safe at the reception. Pets are allowed inside the hotel.

Other Belarus hotels are Sport Hotel, Minsky Motel, and Granit Hotel.

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