Budget hotels: how cheap can you go?

If getting away, even if it’s only for a weekend break, is essential for your sanity, but you’re feeling a tad cash strapped, budget hotel chains such as Travelodge (travelodge.co.uk) can save the day. They may not provide the most stylish accommodation, but they don’t pretend to. What they do provide is a functional room for you to lay your head after enjoying the local attractions, with bathroom and a decent breakfast for a very reasonable price.

Take the Travelodge Cardiff, as reviewed in the Daily Mail. The hotel is on Atlantic Wharf, a stone’s throw from Cardiff Bay station, a five minute walk to the Millennium Centre and under ten minutes to Mermaid Quay.

Rooms are spacious and clean with a wall-mounted TV, kettle, teabags and instant coffee and hanging space rather than a wardrobe. The bathroom is functional, but you might like to take your own toiletries. A big plus is free parking.

Breakfast consists of a good buffet with hot food of sausages, bacon and eggs, or croissants, yogurts and cereals if you prefer. The cost is £6.65 if booked ahead online, and kids under 16 eat free. Indeed, if you’re taking the family they sleep free too!

All in all it’s a great deal, with headline prices of £19 per room. In fact you really have to book early to get that price, however, you’ll probably find a room for under £30. This is the price you pay whether you’re sleeping alone, with your partner or with partner and 2 children. With hotel rates such as these, why stay at home!

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