Budget holidays in 2015

Already planning holidays for 2015 but are a bit short on cash after buying all those Christmas presents? Don’t worry, there are plenty of places you can visit without having to dish out too much money. Here are a few ideas for budget holidays in 2015 to get you dreaming of travelling again.

    Selmaej - Wikimedia

A visit to Tunisia in Northern Africa can make for a very reasonable trip. You can avoid all the tourists that flood to Morocco and have the place relatively to yourself. It has become more inviting to backpackers recently, but is still quite remote and authentic making prices a bit more affordable. With so much history and unique archeological sites and museums, this is the perfect destination for history buffs. If that doesn’t sound appealing, a visit to a Traditional Hammam (Turkish bath) in Sahib, Zitouni or El Kachachine might be more in line with your idea of relaxing holiday. There will be a small fee for this and make sure you read about the correct etiquette to avoid disapproving looks before relaxing in the water.

Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean can make for another unique budget holiday destination. Upolu and Savaii make up the 2 main islands and are covered with gorgeous lakes, tropical vegetation, quiet villages and many other hidden gems. If you are looking for free things to do, top of the list should be the turtle pool where you can see Malua Turtles. You can even feed them some bread or paw paw and watch them nibble away contentedly.

The Sauniatu Waterfall in the northern part of Upolu is also stunning. While making your way down to the waterfall, don’t get too distracted by the flowing water and make sure to hang on to the handrail as it is very slippery! There is also a daily waterfront flea market and vegetable market in the capital city, Apia along with an entertaining and smelly fish market on Sunday morning. Come bright and early as that is the most exciting time to see the freshly caught seafood being laid out on display.

Shanghai may not seem like a cheap place at first but you can certainly visit here on a budget. Dorm rooms are available around the city for as little as $10 USD per person per night. The best way to see this city is by walking around with one of the top places to explore by foot being The Bund. It is located on the south bank of the Huangpu River and is best seen at night under the lit up skyline. Walk around the pedestrianised street of Xintiandi which has a mixed feel of modern and traditional. There are also free museums like the Shanghai Museum which is full of ancient Chinese artifacts and the Shanghai Natural History Museum which houses a mixture of mummies, fossils and historical relics.

And then there is Bali. Who wouldn’t want to go to sunny Bali? Thankfully it can be as expensive or cheap as you would like it to be. Relatively cheap spa treatment offers can be found all over and accommodation isn’t overpriced if you arrive during the shoulder season. Bali is known for its' crystal clear water, so bring your snorkelling gear along when you jet off and explore the waters without having to pay anything. There is also bound to be a festival or two while you are around which is a free way to experience the culture first hand and have a great time! Another idea to save you money is to rent a motorbike for a while. They work out at a similar price to the Perema buses but give you much more freedom to explore Bali at your own pace.

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