Looking for Budget Holidays in 2011? Look no Further!

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With so many holiday dealers and so many destinations it's pretty much a given that you'll bag yourself a bargain holiday these days. Bargain holiday can mean four star accommodation and wonderful weather nowadays. Let's explore your options for budget holidays for 2011.

First Choice offer a range of destinations and have a specific section selling budget holidays. Take the Algarve for example. Staying in the famous beach area of Albufeira you have five kilometres of non-stop sand, rolling Atlantic waves and strips of buzzing bars and super shops. First Choice offer a week's holiday here in October, based on four people sharing, for only £192 per person. This deal sees you staying in the Janelas Do Mar resort with a large pool and self catering accommodation. You will fly from London-Gatwick.

Another option is flying from Manchester to Spain's Costa Dorada in September. This budget deal is for 11 nights and costs only £242 per person. You can also fly from Glasgow and stay in Lanzarote for one week in December. Bear in mind that Lanzarote temperatures are consistent all year round and so in December you'd probably be more than likely to be sunbathing in 20+ temperatures. This Lanzarote bargain comes at £203 per person.

First Choice also does budget deals from Bristol to Ibiza in October for one week for an amazing price of £123 per person. This price is based on 6 people sharing - so might be for a special birthday or party holiday. There are just so many options to choose from and it's a taken that you can get yourself budget holidays for 2011. Happy Holidaying!


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