Budget holiday destinations for 2014

There is no need to spend an absolute fortune on your vacation when you can book some amazing trips in the budget category and still have an absolute ball. Just like there are many ways to skin a cat, there are plenty of ways to spend less on your next holiday so lets look at some of the best budget destinations for you to visit in 2014.

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Canary Islands

The old favourites are sometimes the best and the Canary Islands will remain a firm favourite for a long time yet. With ridiculously cheap flight from the UK to all of the islands, you can pick up some amazing apartments for a song or if you are traveling with a large party or family then rent out a villa complete with a private pool. There is a party atmosphere each and every night and some amazing restaurants to sample local or cuisine that is just like home. Your only decision now is Tenerife, Lanzarote or Gran Canaria?


Serbia is an unexplored gem in Eastern Europe for many and it has loads to offer it’s visitors. The capital Belgrade is brimming with culture and friendly locals willing to bend over backwards to help you. The nightlife is superb with concerts all over town as well as nightclubs on the rivers and trendy, unique bars in places where you would least expect them. Kafanas offer a blend of modern and traditional Serbian music and the local cuisine will blow your mind. Your expenses while in Serbia will be quite low so keep an eye out for bargain flights and you will have an amazing cheap holiday destination on your hands.


If you are in the mood for an active holiday then why not walk a section of the Camino de Santiago? There are many roads leading to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain with the most popular one starting in St. Jead Pied de Port just outside Biarritz, France. From there you walk across the border into Spain and you can keep walking for as much vacation time that you have. Accommodation is cheap along the way and you will make some great friends over cheap Spanish wine and tapas on what promises to be a memorable trip. Whenever you are done then you can grab a cheap flight home from either Madrid or Bilba.


If you are looking for destinations that are affordable but are outside Europe then you will not have to spend a fortune in India. Serviced regularly by affordable flights from the UK, you can also choose to experience camel trekking in Rajasthan, a beach holiday in Goa, tea drinking in Darjeeling or city slicking in overwhelming Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. And did we mention the food? Saliva inducing dishes await and all for incredibly cheap. All along the way, you will interact with fascinating locals and experience one of the most visceral holidays of your life in India.

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