5 tips for budget holiday in Europe

Budget holiday

With the Euro almost at parity with the pound, the days of the cheap break to the Costa Del Sol or the Dordogne are long gone. If you've been credit crunched, you might want to consider a budget holiday in Eastern Europe. Here are our top 5 destinations.

  • Poland has the advantage of a large network of cheap flights with airlines like EasyJet (easyjet.com), Ryanair (ryanair.com) and Wizzair (wizzair.com). This makes it the perfect place for city breaks to evocative destinations like Krakow and Warsaw, as well as longer holidays to the Tatra mountains in the south, or the beaches around Gdansk in the north.
  • The Czech Republic has long been popular for city breaks to Prague, with several budget airlines offering cheap flights. Why not also check out the beautiful spa town of Marianske Lazne (marianskelazne.cz), once famous under its old name of Marienbad?
  • Slovakia, the Czechs' ex-partner, is becoming a fashionable destination, with Ryanair flights to the friendly and beautiful city of Bratislava. Slovakia also offers alternative routes into the Tatras from the west.
  • The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are beginning to shake off their reputation as cheap destinations for stag and hen parties, and encourage a more considerate form of tourism. The Baltic islands and beaches are hard to beat for beauty (and price) at the height of summer. Ryanair, Wizzair and EasyJet offer flights to Tallinn, Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga.
  • Romania is still remarkably cheap, and 2012 could see its emergence as a major tourist destination. Bucharest is a tough but atmospheric city, and rural Romania and Transylvania have areas of outstanding beauty. Wizzair flies to Timisoara, Cluj and Bucharest from London, all ideal starting points for a budget holiday in Eastern Europe.

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