Budget Flights to Utrecht

Book a trip to Utrecht, a land of windmills, castles, and country estates. It is a picturesque destination, one of the Netherlands provinces, getting its name from the Roman “Ultrajectum” (or “ford”). There are no commercial airports in the province, although there is an air base for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Fly into Rotterdam or Amsterdam instead. Then take the train from these cities to Utrecht.

Head to Rotterdam Airport via VLM Airlines or transavia.com. VLM, the “Best Regional Airline for Europe” with the “Best Cabin Staff in Western Europe” (World Airline Awards 2008), is targeted at business travellers. Leather seats, a “comfortable environment,” and “generous servings” of food are what passengers can look forward to.

transavia.com, on the other hand, caters to budget travellers, as they pay only for the trip itself. There are also special offers which reduce prices even more. Booking early also confers advantages.

Both carriers also fly into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as do a lot of low-cost airlines. easyJet, one of the largest budget airlines in Europe, will get you on your way to Utrecht. Among the benefits is the lack of weight restrictions for hand luggage. Proving the early bird really does get the worm, those who arrive at the airport before the scheduled time can board an earlier easyJet flight, as long as there’s room.

“The airline with tiny fares” owns what is probably the cutest airline logo ever. bmibaby, the “Best No Frills Airline” from 2003 to 2005 (Telegraph Group Travel Awards) has flights to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, from where you can take the train to Utrecht.

Jet2.com, the “Best UK Short Haul Airline in 2008” (The Guardian and Observer Travel Awards), is great for groups, with big discounts on deposit rates.

“Spend less [and] fly more” with Flybe, whose planes provide more leg room than any other budget airline in the UK. Get your dose of music with Flybe Unplugged, and a dash of gossip with Flybe Uncovered magazine.

“Fly smart” with clickair, another budget airline with flights to Utrecht. It was most punctual airline company in Spain and Europe in 2007, as well as the Best Newcomer at the World Low Cost Airline Congress in the same year.

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