Budget flights for Rio beaches

We’ve finally figured it out (actually we didn't, we heard about it.) If you book a budget flight in advance you get the best deal. If you book a at the last minute you get the best deal – and never the twain shall meet.

If neither of the above are an option for you, there’s a whole heap of silly notions being promoted by various travel companies to give you a nice cheap holiday. Our favourite is Sunisle's innovative "Make an Offer" scheme. Basically you call them up and make a bid for remaining villas in the coming weeks – it’s an Ebay holiday basically, where if you're determined, you can bag a Costa Del Villa for just £1.

Or if shapely bums in a string bikini are your thing (and show us someone who doesn’t appreciate such a thing) South American specialist Jingando has a Pay What You Want offer on a different guesthouse in Rio each week.

And lastly, Hostelbookers are offering hostel beds for 5p a night - on sale for five days in five destinations - to celebrate its fifth birthday. Although it has to be said, we've stayed in some hostels where 5p could be overcharging you.....

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