Budget beach resorts in Thailand

Thailand is full of delicious food, has a rich history and sees plenty of tourists arrive each day. Whether you are travelling on a shoestring budget or just like to find great deals, there are plenty of budget beach resorts around here. Take a look to see if any of these places look like they might be for you during your trip.

    Hansandre - Wikimedia

Faasai Resort is 12 miles from Chantaburi and is unique in that it has its own organic farm and White Water Lake Nature Sanctuary. This is a great place for families as there are opportunities for the children to feed the cows and fish, pick fresh fruit, and even help out harvesting rice. For a basic bungalow you will be paying in and around £18.

Bamboo Bungalows in Koh Phayam have rooms starting out at £14. To get here you will need to take a 2 hour ferry ride from Ranong in the South. Once you arrive you don’t have to worry about seeing any cars as there are only motorcycle taxis around. It is the perfect place to try out boogie boarding, surfing, kayaking or snorkeling. Unfortunately you may have limited electricity, depending on what season you book in for.

Tarutao National Park Bungalows is the place to go if you want a quiet beach but the opportunity to hike around during the day. The Park Headquarters offer basic bungalows and camping for around £15. It is important to note though that there isn’t any hot water for showers nor much electricity in the rooms.

Sunset Cove Resort is about 15 minutes from Thong Sala Pier on the west coast of Koh Phangan. If you are coming to Thailand for the Full Moon Party, this is only 40 minute drive away. For £28 you will receive a standard cottage with breakfast, beautiful view, swimming pool and much more.

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