Budapest Holidays

Straddling a gentle curve in Danube, Budapest is a place where romance is constantly in the air, spas are a part of daily life, and extraordinary buildings are a remarkable feast for the eyes. These, along with this Hungarian capital’s treasures, leave tourists hungry for more on their Budapest holidays.

The extraordinary beauty of Budapest’s World Heritage Sites draws lots of tourists every year. The Danube Panorama and Castle District (Danube embankments and the Buda Castle District) are a quaint fusion of the old and the new. An ancient borough dating back to the 13th century, Buda Castle District has retained its exceptional beauty despite calamities and wars. Gellert Hill with the Statue of Liberty, Baroque churches, Turkish baths, and Buda Castle are some of the site’s amazing attractions. Baroque houses, Roman ruins, and carved sediles from the age of knights take tourists back in time. On the other hand, modern cultural institutions such as Budapest History Museum, Hungarian National Gallery, and Alexander Palace (the home of Hungary’s president) showcase Budapest’s modern splendour.

Hailed as the “City of Spas” in 1934, Budapest offers unforgettable opportunities for self-pampering. Ujpest Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool, built in 1974, features three healing pools, and swimming, teaching, and paddling pools. The waters here contain calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate, perfect for those suffering from arthritis and other degenerative joint illnesses. Group thermal bath, hot-air and wet-steam chambers, underwater beam massage, and sole reflex zone massage are other services offered. Gellert Thermal Bath is a must-visit, too for its “miraculous” springs (discovered in the 15th century), luxurious Secession style interiors, and its inhalatorium.

Unique structures also spice up Budapest holidays. The Great Synagogue in Dohany Street, the second-largest synagogue in the world, exudes a Moorish Revival style, accentuated by Byzantine and Gothic elements. Arched windows with stone-carved decorations and bricks display the heraldic colours of the city: blue, yellow, and red. Two polygonal towers stand near the entrance crowned by copper onion domes with golden ornaments. Other remarkable structures are the Citadel, a military fortress perched on the city’s highest point; the Academy of Music, an Art Nouveau building and Budapest’s most exalted concert venue; and House of Terror Museum, where enemies of the state were once interrogated and brutally tortured.

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