Take Your Pick Among the Best Bucket Shop Holidays

Bucket Shop at bucketshop.com is a leading UK-based travel service website that offers a wide range of travel packages from different travel agencies. Bucket Shop holidays may be all-inclusive, depending on how you wish to book your trip. You can only book for low-cost fares or you can combine it with car rentals and accommodations. The website, however, is best known for its low-cost airfare offers.

Holidaying in Africa

Visit bucketshop.com/id-18/Africa_Low_Cost_Airlines if you want to know more about taking a budget-friendly trip to Africa. The website has several options for you to choose from, one of which is Kulula, which is South Africa’s very first low-cost airline company. Established in July 2001, the company now offers flights to and from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Kulula also offers holiday packages, an example of which is a two-night stay at Perry’s Bridge Hollow, inclusive of meals, car rentals and round trip fare for just R1 873 per person.

Holidaying in the Americas

When you visit bucketshop.com/id-21/Americas_USA_Canada_Latin_America_Low_Cost_Airlines, you will get to learn more about the site’s featured airlines for the Americas. These include the likes of AirTran Airways, America West, CanJet, ClickMexicana, Delta, Frontier Airlines, GOL, Song, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, TED and WestJet Airlines.

You can use this page to be redirected to Spirit and learn more about their fantastic $9 Fare Club. For just $59.95 annually, you get to enjoy special fares for members only and which can go for as low as a single penny! There are many other exclusive packages available for accommodations and other travel services.

Visit Bucket Shop’s website today if you want to know more about Bucket Shop holidays in Europe and in Asia.

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