Bruges coach holidays this year

Bruges in Belgium is a much under-rated destination to take a holiday to but it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A compact and wonderfully preserved medieval city which will have history buffs salivating at the mouth. The impressive Belfry towers over the Markt Square - you may remember this tower from the black comedy 'In Bruges' which starred Colin Farrell and showed some of Bruges' most beautiful sights. The narrow streets are beautifully cobbled and the canal tours are lovely.

Coachholidays.com have a four day coach trip to Bruges that costs £235 per person. You will leave from Dover and make your way to Bruges where you stay at a four star hotel, the next day two days are to be taken at your leisure and on day four you have the morning free before travelling to Calais to sail home.

There is a more extensive trip from coachholidays.com that sets you back £287 which starts is Bruges, with the option to travel to Ypres, the next two days you travel to Brussels and Ostend before leaving Bruges en-route to Calais to sail home.

There is a more expensive Bruges coach holidays from door2tour.com called Bruges cobbles, canals and chocolate. This tour lasts for five days and four nights. You will travel on the Eurostar where you will enjoy meals from London to Brussels and the same on the return in first class conditions and your stay in Bruges will be of the same standard. The excursions include trips to Ypres and a walking tour of Bruges sampling all it's delights. This exquisite tour costs £775 per person.

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