Guide to Bruges city breaks

Bruges city breaks

Made somewhat famous amongst filmgoers after the 2008 release of "In Bruges" starring Colin Farrell, Bruges is a picturesque medieval city situated on the banks of the river Dijver. Steeped in history and culture one will never be left short of things to do. Here are some of my recommendations.

The ever reliable thomson.co.uk offers a splendid low down of the city featuring pictures, videos and traveller reviews on their website. Two nights from the 25th of August in the Olympia hotel will cost you £179  per person in a double room. This includes bed and breakfast. If one is feeling more upmarket a stay in the exclusive Crowne Plaza Brugge will cost you hefty £358 for the same weekend dates and also includes full gym facilities. Both hotels enjoy a central location which is ideal for museum or pub goers!

Another site I would recommend for booking Bruges city breaks is booking.com it does not have the detail of thomson.co.uk but still easy to use. Two nights in Walwyck Hotel Brugge fromthe 28th of October to the 30th will set you back £180. Sampling the world famous Belgian chocolate is also a must and no trip would be complete without visiting the Bruges chocolate museum. Another famous export of Belgium and Bruges is of course beer. A trip to the "DeHalve Maan" brewery is well worth it. It is the only family brewery in the middle of Bruges that is still operating.

So Bruges city breaks are well advised with plenty to see and do and at some very competitive prices, why not treat yourself?



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