Why Book Your Trip with Broadway Travel

Broadway Travel was established in 1948 and has offices in Newcastle and Luton. The company is best known for their city break and beach packages, particularly those with destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe and Florida. The company, however, also offers trips to other destinations in the world. Below are two of the many holiday packages featured in their site at broadwaytravel.com.

Callao Salvaje Holidays in Tenerife

The area of Callao Salvaje is the perfect compromise for guests who would like to enjoy a little bit of everything during their stay in Tenerife. It is strategically located between the more rural areas of the country, where small lovely villages reside and you can enjoy local and natural attractions. Also quite near is a strip of resorts and establishments that make the night come alive with music and laughter.

Hotel accommodations available in this area include Apartamentos Albatros, a 3-star accommodation that offers apartments with fully equipped kitchens and private balconies.

Kissimmee Accommodations in Florida

If you would like to enjoy a more family-friendly atmosphere while having your holidays in Florida, consider bypassing the rather modern pleasures that Miami offers for the quiet and relaxed pace of life in Kissimmee. The website has numerous accommodations available in Kissimmee, including Tuscan Hills, a residential community that has fully furnished villas with pools for rent, and you can view this at broadwaytravel.com/region.aspx?RegionCode=USFLO.

At Broadway Travel, you can also arrange for airport transfers and parking, as well as access to airport lounges and other airport-based extras. Visit their website as well to get to know their latest set of exclusive offers, such as a three-night bed and breakfast accommodation in Prague, with departing flight from London Stansted, at only £129 per person.

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