British summer holidays are a feast of fun for all the family!

From Blackpool to Brighton, and Cleveleys to Cleethorpes, traditional British summer holidays at the coast simply can't be beaten.

There's something very, very special about spending time at the seaside in the UK: that bracing salty air, the sound of seagulls singing, the smell of tasty fish and chips wafting ...and the sense of good, old fashioned family fun around every corner!

For adults, arriving at the coast brings back memories of your first candy floss, first donkey ride and first toe dipped in the water, while your mum and dad tried to remember how they assembled the deckchairs the previous year.

And for children today, it's reassuringly just the same. The beach games, pier stalls and rollercoaster rides are still there, waiting to hear the shrieks and laughter from the latest generation of youngsters.

The range of cheap package holiday deals abroad is fantastic for sunseekers, but if you just want a short break away with the kids, there are some Great British holiday resorts right on the doorstep with plenty to offer.

Wherever you live in the UK, there is a beach around a couple of hours' drive away - so why not try it out? A visit to the seaside is perfect for a stroll on the promenade, an ice cream or a cycle ride. You could even pack your binoculars and do a spot of bird watching, or put on your waterproofs and go surfing.

Don't forget to bring back a stick of rock as a sweet memento of your holiday by the sea!

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