Book British Ferries to France Today

If you are looking for British ferries to France, rest assured that you would have a lot to choose from.


With Brittany Ferries, you get to enjoy benefits such as free fares for kids sailing to France during fall breaks, a return fare for just £99 if you are only staying for up to 60 hours in France and affordable Parador Hotel breaks if you are thinking of sailing to Spain next.

The company has a fleet of cruise ships available if you want to take a more leisurely route to France. If you are in a hurry, however, you can choose between the company’s two high-speed ferries, namely Normandie Express and Normandie Vitesse.

With the Normandie Vitesse, you can choose between free seats, reserved lounge seats and first-class commodore seats. On-board facilities include modern toilets as well as one especially designed for the physically challenged, a baby changing room, an open viewing deck and several video games. The ship also has a café, bar and gift shop on board.


If, however, you wish for more companies to choose from before booking any British ferries to France, consider checking and comparing rates listed at A Ferry. One of their lowest offerings includes single fares from Dover to Calais or vice versa for just £30 from P&O. This offer is good for a car with up to nine passengers. You will have to pay extra for onboard accommodations, though. A similar offer is also available from SeaFrance Ferries, which offers single fare rates at £23 if you are fine with travelling at night.

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