British favourite, Turkey, is still a fabulous place for a holiday.

Turkey has recently become a firm favourite with the Brits, seen as a recesssion-busting, affordable destination outside the eurozone during the credit crunch. Last year, nearly 2.7 million British tourists visited the country, an increase of 10 per cent on the year before, reports the Daily Mail, and hopes were high for this year too. 'With the unrest in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya featuring so heavily in the news, we were expecting to see an increase in bookings for Turkey from those seeking an alternative safe choice’, said Akin Koc, managing director of Anatolian Sky Holidays. But confused travellers appear to be including Turkey in the group of nations in danger of political unrest, and there has been a nine per cent dip in bookings so far this year.

Both the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in London and holiday companies are keen to stress that democratic Turkey is unaffected by the rebellions going on in countries governed by autocratic regimes. A democratic republic since 1923, women got the vote in Turkey before they did in France, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland and it is a secular state. Stuart Kerr, director of travel agent Holidaymate stressed that Turkey has far more in common with places like Spain, Greece and Cyprus than it does with Egypt and Tunisia.

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