Summer time = British camping holidays

British camping holidays are basically tradition if you are from the UK. There is a huge community of British people that just can't get enough of camping in the summer. While this may drive many people a little crazy, maybe they love it for a reason.

A lot of people just write off the idea of camping before they ever try it. Yes it may seem a little crazy to sleep in a van in the middle of a field but it can be quite fun if you're with mates.

Most of the horror stories are generally to do with having a large family and cramming them into a tiny camper van for the weekend. This can be a nightmare so you are generally best off to just leave the family at home, call out some buddies and hit the road. This is truly the best way to experience camping.

Also, you want to be sure that you are within walking or driving range of a beach. Countryside camping can be fun but if you have no beach to enjoy it can get pretty boring, fast! Find a beach, bring your buddies and get the beer, now that sounds like a holiday.

So where is the best spot? We recommend the Formby Point Caravan Park. You are literally one mile from the beach and it has all the facilities you need to enjoy the weekend break. Toilets, electrical, showers and water, what more could you want? The best news is that this can all be yours for only £18 a night!

Formby is open between the months of March and October and can be booked with ease online. All you need to know is where to go, of course that's where we come in. The 'UK camp-site' website has all the information you need to book a slot at Formby. They list all the camping areas in the UK and they even have a section of user reviews. This can make finding the perfect camp-site a very easy job.

Stock he caravan, call your buddies and see why people can't get enough of British camping holidays.

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