Britain’s greenest weekend music festival is taking place in Oxfordshire this May.

Young, foot loose, fancy free and looking for a fun way of spending the weekend? Head for the ‘Wood Festival’ in Oxfordshire. Live music is always exciting and special but when you get 3 days on the run from on-site bands in a picturesque setting, it’s the perfect way of celebrating the onset of summer. This year's festival takes place from the 20th-22nd of May in Braziers Park, a community residential college and Grade II-listed country house, reports Guardian Travel, and comfortable yurts are available for rent in the grounds.

Not only is it a great festival, it also has a strongly green theme, raising environmental awareness. Showers are heated by wood-burning stoves, the stage is solar-powered, the disco bicycle-powered, and there are composting toilets. Visitors are encouraged to take the environmentally friendly Woody bus from Oxford, but if you do take your car you’ll get a £5 refund on your £10 parking ticket if you carry more than four people. Conversely, cars that aren't full will pay an extra £5, i.e. £15 in all.

Willy Mason and the Eliza Carthy Band are this year's stars and there’s face-painting, making musical instruments from junk, dancing, storytelling and more for the kids, who go free if under 12. Adults pay £95 and teens under 18, £65. Have fun!

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