Bristol’s future in fine dining

Everyone knows what it's like getting stuck in the doorway table where you’re greeted with an arctic wind that cuts the legs off you every time someone enters or leaves. Never mind the snotty waiter who thinks you’re a peasant – you may be, but he’s still supposed to be doing his job. Well look out Ramsey and Co; an anarchist group in Bristol have turned restauranting on its head, and about time too.

Basically they’ve taken a squat – location hidden! (that’s part of the thrill) and turned it into a temporary restaurant. Tonight’s menu is serving, potato, spring onion, coriander and lemon soup followed by Bandeja paisa - parsley rice with fried plantain, red beans, salad and avocado and Natilla custard pudding. How much for the lot? You decide after you’ve eaten. Now that would send Sir Ramsey reaching for the cleave....

Oh, and best of all, you can enjoy a smoke after your dinner, without the air pollution police nagging you. The experiment will be repeated in a city near you soon, so keep your ears to the ground and your dinner jacket handy.

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