Brighton rocks, a lot

Brighton used to be a terrifying place. Mods and rockers ensured the streets were a war zone. Tory MPs spent their time dodging IRA bombs on their way to another conference. And Fatboy Slim played music to hundreds of thousands of wide-eyed, sweaty, gurners in a horrendous free seaside festival.

But times change, and how thankful we are for that. Brightonhas managed to escape the fate of most English seaside towns and has become not a living incarnation of a Morrissey video, but a thriving, vibrant and cosmopolitan seaside city, where everyone dresses like the Hoffmeister bear in winkle pickers.

Nowhere is this vibrancy more in evidence than in the labyrinthine shopping area 'The Lanes'. Hours can be spent browsing designer boutiques, independent stores, art galleries, and antique jewellery shops. Or you can wet your whistle and take the edge off your hunger in one of the numerous pubs, bars and eateries.

If architecture is more your thing, Brighton is home to the Royal Pavilion, an Indian inspired home to George IV, then still the Prince Regent. It was used primarily as a love nest for him and his long time mistress Mrs Fitzherbert.

And should you need somewhere to stay, Brighton is also home to the unique Hotel Pelirocco. With twelve rooms, each themed around pop subculture, art, music and inspirational thinkers, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Our favourite is the Sputnik, a single bed space capsule.

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