Brighton lodgings fit for a Fatboy

Now, if you are one of those who never managed to leave Brighton since the hedonistic, beach nights with Fat Boy Slim some years ago, well you just won’t be reading this will you. But maybe you’re down searching for one of 'the missing', whose mother sent you to find them and get them home in time for tea.

Well if they are going to be anywhere it’s the weirdness of the MyHotel Jubilee Street, Brighton. that will attract them. If they’re not actually working there, they will be found playing in one of the lifts; you have two colour choices: one bathes you in orange light so that you feel as though you are inside a streetlamp; the other is the same colour as those fly-zapping devices popular with butchers.

Once you’ve gotten hold of them and begun to communicate with them about returning to the real world, the pulsating bedroom lamps that resemble a large, glowing sperm will remind you why some people just ought not be allowed reproduce.

If all else fails, you’ll have one of the most bizarre, yet at times thoroughly enjoyable – if you consider a night with Hunter S Thompson enjoyable – stays of your life. It’s up to you whether you think such an inexperience can be lived with or without. Myself – personally I find Master Thomson décor alluring – along with Fat Boy Hawaii shirts.

The Staff, by the way, were wicked

check out MyHotel, Brighton 01273900300

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