Breathtaking Sights on Bermuda Holidays

Bermuda in the mid-Atlantic, measures only 53.3 square kilometres. But this tiny British territory first discovered by the Spanish sailor Juan de Bermudez is packed with tourist attractions—indoors, under the sea, and even underground. Pink sand beaches, 100 fortifications, and the smallest drawbridge in the world are just some of the many reasons for Bermuda holidays.

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Look back to Bermuda’s beginnings by visiting the historic town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. St. George was the first town permanently inhabited in Bermuda, and it was where the 150 English colonisers led by Admiral Sir George Somers settled in 1609. The original historic buildings populate the town, serving as museums, pubs, and restaurants. A particular item of interest is a replica of the ducking stool, which was used then to dump gossiping women into the harbour. In St. George’s Harbour is Ordnance Island, where a model of the settlers’ ship Deliverance and a life-size statue of Sir George Somers can be found. The State House, the oldest stone building, and St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere, are the town’s other attractions.

More of Bermuda’s history unfolds in the Bermuda Maritime Museum, located in the country’s largest fort, the Keep, which was originally built to protect the Royal Naval Dockyard. Inside the six-acre citadel is the Commissioner’s House, which was the first cast-iron structure in the world. Gunpowder magazines, shipwreck artefacts, and other relics depicting Bermuda’s maritime and military history are displayed here. Offering visitors an interesting alternative activity in the museum is The Dolphin Quest, which allows tourists to interact, feed, swim, and have pictures taken with dolphins.

Somerset Bridge, reputed to be the world’s smallest drawbridge is a popular attraction on Bermuda holidays. It was built in 1620, and connects Bermuda’s main island to Somerset Island. Ely’s Harbour and an old Bermudian cottage can be seen from this much-photographed bridge.

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