How to Book for the Best Brean Caravan Parks

If you are looking for the best Brean caravan parks, here are a few options you should seriously consider.


The Beachside Holiday Park is just a stone’s throw away from the Brean Sands Resort and offers two types of accommodations: caravans and beach bungalows. All its caravans are beautifully furnished with fully-equipped kitchens and with berths that can accommodate four to eight persons. All caravans also offer a fully operational toilet and shower with hot water facilities, as well as gas, electricity and heating. All TV sets in caravans come with Freeview connection as well. Best of all, pets are more than welcome in this park – just make sure they are on their best behaviour and do not leave any unwanted mess behind them.

For entertainment, the close by Brean Sands Resort has a wide assortment of restaurants and cabaret bars to offer. Its recreational areas and activities include a swimming pool, golf, and areas for fishing and horse riding. Attractions in the area include the likes of the Brean Bird Garden, the Animal Farm Adventure Park and Cider Farm Lakes.

A one-bedroom caravan will cost £50 per night or £195 for seven nights.


Ocean Lodge pretty much offers the same caravan accommodations and options that the above site offers. So if one is fully booked, there’s no reason why you can’t try booking a room in the other, as you are likely to enjoy the same quality of living and access to recreational activities.

Prices vary greatly depending on your travel dates. In the month of September, for instance, Brean caravan parks are pretty much in demand, as you are enjoying the last few weeks of holidays before school starts. It is why an overnight stay in a four-berth caravan will cost you £60 per night.

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