Break out the Snowshoes

One of the benefits of the TracksandTrails company, is that they pursue a strong ‘no trace’ policy – which means they leave nothing behind but footprints. This will come in handy when you get lost up there in the pristine peaks of the French Alps. (Especially when your guide points at a far distant ridge and tells you that’s where you’ll be stopping for lunch – it’s only 10.30 and already you’re gut is rumbling.)

But there is an alternative to the snowshoeing malarkey through vast, virgin snowscapes – and that’s the infamous Alpinebum-slide. Perfecting the bum-slide may not take as many years as you’d expect, in fact, as with snowshoeing itself, about 20 minutes should get you mobile. Or, as is the case with the bum-slide, simply crouch, tuck your walking sticks behind you and say 'wheeeeee!'

Oh, and so as not to ruin your childish joy and at sliding bum-first down a mountainside, the guide probably won’t mention that you’ll have to climb back up again – and you know going up is harder than going down.

But who cares? There’s nobody about for miles – all the skiers are jam-packed on some man-made mountainside slope, while all you’ve got for company is virgin snow and glittering Alpine peaks.

Raileurope will get you to Chamonix then, after tramping through the snow, you can crash at the Chalet les Pelerins, ChaletinChamonix.

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