Brazil Travel Tips and Advice

Brazil is the largest country in South America, famous for its scenery and its football players. It's a very diverse, bustling country with a lot to see and do for potential travellers - so, to help you enjoy your trip a little more, we've put together some Brazil travel tips and advice just for you.

Getting Around

Try to book your flights and any transfer early. Internal flights in Brazil are very expensive compared to most other countries, and you could find it difficult to find a cheap taxi or transport as soon as you arrive at the airport. If you need to travel far across Brazil from the airport, use long-distance coaches or buses like many of the locals to avoid paying high prices.

What to eat

The most common dishes in Brazil are rice, beans and cassava. Chicken hearts and corn on the cob are popular street snacks, but don't be afraid to try some of their exotic local cuisine; Bahia is a popular African-rooted Brazilian cuisine, and sushi and Udon are excellent in Brazil. To avoid paying extra cost for food, sample local cuisine and avoid English-specific establishments that charge higher prices.

Avoiding Rip Offs

Although not a common sight, rip offs and scams are also dotted around Brazil like most holidays destinations. To save money and stretch it throughout your holiday, stay, eat and drink near a pacified favela, use the bus or metro and cook your own food wherever you can. Avoid gimmicks or items that seem to have no use at all, such as the caxirola, which are the main forms of scamming in Brazil.

Open Mind and Knowledge

One of the best Brazil travel tips, and for any other country, is to come with an open mind and at least some knowledge of the culture. Try to learn a few phrases and make sure the locals know you're trying your hardest to communicate, rather than simply acting like a dim-witted tourist who expects everything to be handed to them.

Is Brazil safe?

As a top Brazil travel tips suggestion, make sure you visit favela pacification, which have more police and are specifically designed as areas of safe visit for tourist. Although you can visit outside of these touristy places, only do so if you're confident or have a good, trustworthy guide. Avoid dark, narrow alleyways or any areas you feel uncomfortable in. Brazil is, however, relatively safe for tourist and only consists of a few protests and civil unrest each year - but you should avoid these seasons if you're not interested in a political holidays.

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