Best alternative Brazil hotels for 2014 World Cup accommodation

This year’s FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is in the offing. If you have tried to find a place to stay in Brazil during the tournament, you know it is not easy to find such a place. However, Brazilian pousadas are a great alternative for 2014 world cup hotel accommodation. There is no direct translation for pousada, but pousada generally refers to less obvious, small-scale Brazilian B&Bs accommodation that are refreshingly different from conventional hotels like the Fasano, Copacabana Palace and Relais & Chateaux Santa Teresa. Check out these three best Brazilian pousadas in Rio de Janeiro that represent the best alternative Brazil hotels for 2014 world cup accommodation.

1. La Suite

La Suite hotel in Rio has continued to grow in popularity steadily over the years since Bruce Willis emerged from a chopper to land on its rooftop helipad. The hotel sits on a magnificent cliff top in the exclusive residential enclave of Joating. Originally built by a banker, the La Suite hotel is without a doubt one of the best alternative Brazil hotels for 2014 world cup accommodation. It has seven bedrooms and an impressive glam-kitsch sitting room.

The main room, Black Suite, boasts glass walls, stylish black glass chandelier and lovely colour-themed interior decor. You will feel as if you are floating in a vast expanse of sea staying in the Black Suite. Nearby, just 20-minutes or so taxi ride away, is a beautiful private sandy beach with well stocked upmarket shops and restaurants to round up a perfect day in Rio.

Address: Rua Jackson de Figueiredo 501, Joatinga

Price: Double rooms start £372, including breakfast

Telephone: 21 3177 3555

Website: lasuiterio.com

2.Mama Ruisa

Mama Ruisa, a distinctive aristocratic colonial house, is the most polished, well dressed pousada of Santa Teresa’s many such accommodations. It is owned by Jean Michel Ruis, a gifted interior designer and hotelier who showcases his skills in the hotel with beautiful 19th-century topographical illustrations of Rio, nostalgic black-and-white family photographs and contemporary artwork to give the pousada a truly unique look and feel. You will most certainly feel at home staying at this excellent facility if you are fortunate enough to secure accomodation during the FIFA World Cup 2014.

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Address: 132 Rua Santa Cristina, Santa Teresa

Price: Double rooms from £166, including breakfast.

Telephone: 0055 21 2242 1281

Website: mamaruisa.com

3. Guesthouse Bianca

Closing our list of best three alternative Brazil hotels for 2014 World Cup accommodation is the Guesthouse Bianca. The Guesthouse Bianca is a beautiful, imposing and secluded Santa Teresa mansion built in the 1930's. It features three immaculate bedrooms and a hammock sitting room where copious breakfasts is served on the terrace overlooking the garden. You will enjoy magnificent views from its large terrace, as well as the soothing, relaxing and pleasurable hospitality at the guesthouse.

Address: Rua Murtinho Nobre 35, Santa Teresa

Price: Double rooms from £75 per night, including breakfast.

Telephone: 21 3233 1563

Website: guesthousebianca.com

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