Three best budget Brazil hotels 2014 on the beach

Looking for budget Brazil accommodation on the beach? Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two of the largest cities in the Brazil, offer some of the best hotels on the beach. Most of these hotels are not cheap, but many are unknown to international tourists and provide cheaper alternatives to go relax, party and enjoy the Brazilian tropical paradise dotted with breathtaking islands, bays and golden sandy beaches. Here’s our top pick of best budget Brazil hotels 2014 on the beach with great value for money out of the December to February high season.

1. Na Mata Suites, Ilhabela

Na Mata Suites Ilhabela is the perfect weekend getaway for holidaymakers in Sao Paulo. Known as the wealthiest city in South America, accommodation in Sao Paulo can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This Anglo-Brazilian pousada (Brazilian B&B) offers the best of both worlds. You get four fantastic rustic bungalows tucked away in a tropical rainforest near some easily accessible golden sandy beaches away from the beaten path. Here you are served mouthwatering breakfast on your private terrace amid calming banana, coconut and cashew trees, before heading down to the beach for a dive. It is not difficult to see why the Suites is appropriately named Ilhabela (Beautiful Island). The Na Mata Suites is indeed one of the best hidden budget Brazil hotels in 2014 on the beach, especially for hands-on Brazilian hospitality.

Price: Double rooms start from £33 a night, including breakfast

Telephone: +55 12 3895 8771

Website: namatasuites.com.br

2. Pousada Pilar, Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo sits on a breathtaking cape 100 miles north-east of Rio de Janeiro just out into the Atlantic Ocean. The impressive eight-room Pousada Pilar, Arraial do Cabo is laced with beautiful tropical gardens throughout and situated less than 300 metres from dos Anjos (Angel's Beach). It is the perfect quiet getaway for the environmentally responsible tourist in Rio. You get lovely budget rooms deliberately kept simple and comfortable with old tiles, stained glass and recycled noble woods.

Price: Double rooms start from £74 a night, including breakfast

Telephone: +55 22 2622 1992

Website: pousadapilar.com.br

3. Villa Balthazar, Buzios

Closing out list of three best budget Brazil hotels 2014 on the beach is the Villa Balthazar in Buzios, the Brazilian coastal resort fondly nicknamed "Buzios Aires" due to the influx of Argentinian sun worshippers. While Buzios has seen accommodation prices steadily rise with its transformation from a fishing village to the playground of French starlet Brigitte Bardot since the 1960s, the Villa Balthazar remains one of the best budget retreats on Praia do Canto beach. Run by Swedish couple Petra and Felix, the villa offers excellent hospitality and service in Buzios. The Balthazar spreads among three separate houses with a number of rooms that showcase an impressive flair for restrained flamboyance just 50m from the sea.

Price: Double rooms start from £82a night, including breakfast

Telephone: +55 22 2623 6680

Website: villabalthazar.com.br

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